iWagor萬聖節“變臉” 不一樣的乾坤大挪移

葳格雙語學校 西屯校區小學部在iWagor課程中,葳小的學生學習了如何運用科技能力,創造並製作專屬於自己的作品。
今年的萬聖節主題教學活動,孩子們透過 MSQRD應用程式,創造了一個自己的萬聖節角色。過程中,他們先選擇了自己喜歡的面具,在彼此的合作下完成視頻的錄製,然後,他們必須檢查音頻與視頻的清晰度和準確性,最後再將他們創建的萬聖節個性化角色上傳到同步的雲端系統存儲。

This Halloween, students are encouraged to create a recording of themselves as a Halloween character. This thematic activity makes use of specifically selected apps, which allow each student an opportunity to develop his or her individual creativity and work collaboratively with their classmates to complete their project. The interactive MSQRD app has various options and menus for each student to choose from. When a mask has been selected, each student works with a partner to create a video recording of his or her own personalized Halloween script. Students then have to check the quality of the recording to ensure clarity and accuracy. Once the students are satisfied with the audio and video, they export and upload their projects to our synchronized cloud storage system.

    This kind of project gives students an opportunity to apply their skills to edit, compile, and customize their own artistic presentation and extend their use of English in a real way thereby furthering our iWagor goal of using English to teach technology rather than using technology to teach English.


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